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don't believe everything you read...

Around this time last year I wanted to order something from a new site I was just introduced to as a blogger, ASOS 
Of course I was skeptical because I've never ordered from a European site. 

Anyways I took to google and searched for reviews concerning shipping and how timely they were. I was overcome with awful reviews!! After a lot of hoping and searching I decided not to take the plunge because I couldn't risk losing any money or gaining any headaches. 

Though I never ordered from the site I continued to frequent it because it was awesome. What sucked was seeing all the great stuff bloggers snatched up from the site. One of my turning points was seeing all the great buys Caylee of if you seek style. often made from the shopping site. 

I always wondered if Caylee from Indiana can frequently order from asos without any issues why can't I Jerrica from NYC??? 

Well with that said, fast forward to last week when I just had enough and decided to take the plunge and hope for the best saw two must have items and ORDERED THEM! 

 I was not expecting to have my doorman hand me the package that read ASOS

 I have been wanting a comfortable sweater like this all winter. I'm an extreme layer-er and needed to invest in a thick piece...

isn't it artistic LOL...
 Sorry about Mickey. 
My father drew it for my older sister when we shared the room many years ago. 
He whines every time I paint my room and threaten to paint over it. 

No worries though I'm planning to hang a picture over it. 
One that better suits my current personality :-)

 Here's my second piece from ASOS a kimono drape dress. I'm planning on wearing it for V-Day
Hopefully it isn't too cold that day. Can't wear much underneath this one.
Conclusion: I will be buying a lot more from ASOS. I am presently ecstatic :-)