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feeling nostalgic...

Here's a blabber post of my thoughts and such things along with random pictures of Gisele Bundchen because who doesn't love picture books :-)

I have been so disconnected lately... Mostly because my little temporary monster baby and crowded home life had me left with little free time. Though the bit of free time I did manage to grab had been going towards reading.

With that said I have been remembering the days when writing was a favorite past time of mine.
Growing up all I knew was of a quite-ness. I spoke little of my thoughts, feelings, and desires to those around me. Mainly because I was, and still quite possibly am, the worst at verbal communication. This created a need for me to write down everything I thought and felt.
It was the greatest release for me. No fear of judgement, not having to care if the other person understood what I was saying because all the page did was listen and after I always felt better. Conversation has never been a neccessity for me or my sanity. I always wondered if this was healthy. (I sound like such a brooding type LOL)
But over the years I have lost my interest to write. Maybe it was me losing myself, or that part of me, or it could have been all the technology around but writing somehow phased out of my life. When I read I feel the desire coming back pushing its way in between the cracks in my life.
I have been reading such detailed and discriptive fiction it reminds me of the things I used to write in my journals. Pages always filled with emotion, passion, goals, etc.  
I'll get there again...