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too much grey...?

I adore grey, can you tell? 
Haha even my walls are different shades of grey.
My mother/bff are redoing the place a bit. She places almost every decision on me because apparently I complain to much when I don't like things. 
I'm looking to add interesting useless pieces as time passes rather than getting a whole bunch of things all at once. I tend to get tired or want something new quite frequently, so by purchasing in installments we will spend less and shop more'ish :-)

I really love these two things, pizza and kiwi strawberry.
manicure needed...
I was really going to try to take all these fantastic photographs of myself under the wintery sun but of course we were in a rush and I'm still too shy to pose in front of passersby's. And on top of that my Love keeps experimenting with the camera settings. 
That's kinda my fault, I always show him great photos from other blogs.

wearing: f21 dress, asos sweater, club monaco coat, zara scarf