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why do you wear that...?

wearing: F21 shirt and jeans, H&M hat and bag, Zara scarf, Urban outftters leather jacket and asos sweater

I don't know but a lot of the time people stare at me when I'm walking down the streets. 
Does this happen to anyone else?
I can't help but feel a tad self conscious when this happens. 

Like with this outfit, I know it's a bit layered but that's nothing compared to what I usually do. Often my fellow Hispanics don't understand my form of dressing.
As if oversized shirts were blasphemy in our culture LOL.Skin tight is more the required taste :-/

Oh, how I love an oversized shirt.
 I don't have to suck anything in, they are super comfy and hahah yeah I don't have to suck anything in. :-)

P.S I wish I had someone to take cool pictures of my outfits while I'm out and about. It gives a blog so much more. :-(

Pictures taken B.T (Before Tripod)