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can't stop won't stop uh huh...

guess what? I recently purchased these side zip shorts from American Apparel. 
They make me happy :-)

Growing up my sis and I always watched the girls wear denim shorts and either wished our butts weren't so puffy or that we didn't care that our cheeks were hanging all out. 
 Fast forward to today and these AA shorts do the trick. Maybe it's the side zip or the high waist but it works and fits!
I adore this bag I purchased it because of it's resemblance to the river island bag I still dream about and couldn't get this past christmas, grrr. 
I hate not getting things I absolutely fall for. The thought of missing out on that bag still ticks me off.
Lately I've become the fictional character from Dora the Explorer, Swiper.
I should literally be given a mask with matching gloves!
I've been swiping away like madness even via internet. I'm single handedly boosting the worlds economy being that I've even been making international purchases.
hmmm no worries though I'm still managing to save on the side for some traveling plans and an exciting chapter in my life :-)