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the day I celebrated my birth...

as usual my day began with this little guy. Nothing better than waking him up and getting that sweet morning hug, before the terror begins haha.
 First decision of the day regular diapers or pull-ups???
 My prep begins 45 minutes before our reservations. Always the last minute!
 I decided to curl my hair a bit since I'm sure many are tired of seeing me with straight hair, as am I. There was no time for me to get ready and all my stockings had runs. This wouldn't be an issue if I wasn't going to dinner where there are table clothes and actual silverware.  Guess I was trying to keep it classy.
 Of course I'm trying to ignore the camera.
 I thought I did an acceptable job at applying my makeup but camera flashes have a way of making me cringe at my small mistakes (my eyebrows could use some filling, blah). Everything else seems fine :-)
 Yeah this was the only picture I took of what we consumed. By the time I remembered to photograph the different yummy dishes most of the plates were cleared, animals.
 My sister surprised me with a birthday cake... I hate it when the waitstaff come together to sing "happy birthday to you... happy birthday to you" it's too embarrassing. Well here I am praying making a wish.
 It was too too cold for outside pictures!
I wore the lovely sandals my Love got me for the day. They are really comfortable these will be heavily used this spring/summer.
wearing: club monaco blazer and ring, zara bag and belt, h&m scarf and sheer shirt, f21 black denim, wild pair sandals