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it's my birthday

Last night when I got home I was pleasantly surprised with a couple of gifts waiting for me at home from the boy. 
I generally hate surprises because as n intuitive person I always find out about them before hand. And the waiting process I truly hate but this time I didn't reeally know I was getting these.

Sorry it's kinda looking like a Victoria Secret ad minus the ultra push up bra and feathered hairdo. But I really was this excited. 
Check out the wrapping job. 
He knows how much I love the delivery of gifts. He's gotten so good at it. :-)
Inside were these super comfy light wait lovelies (picked out by him) and these eskuche headphones I wanted, once upon a time we shared Bose noise canceling headsets.
Great thing about these is the woven cloth cording to prevent tangling. 
I can't tell you how many times I've missed the train or almost gotten hit by a moving vehicle trying to detangle my iPod's headphones, haha. 
These will look pretty perfect against a nice sun kissed tan. Don't you think?