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and voila

Loving these items right now; feels like I'm wearing silky sheets. When I bought this jacket I was really only thinking of wearing it with white and more whites. But of course when I got home I decided that though it is possible, due to my love for white tops, that it would be beneficial to pair it with other colors, and voila this look was born. Can't say that I'm at all disappointed by these color combinations.

wearing: zara jacket, f21 shirt and skirt, topshop necklace, river island bag, aldo wedges

Side note; Ways to tell when the warmer weather is upon us:

When I abandon my pants and refuse to wear any.
When I have to bring out my rolling rack to keep my shirts from wrinkling.
When popsicles take over my freezer.
When my room is filled with the contents of my bags because they are changed daily!

Thanks for commenting everyone. I really love to read your words - even if the other pedestrians hate when I bump into them while my face is buried in my phone. 

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