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don't judge a book buy it's cover

 Here's the denim playsuit I thrifted from Buffalo Exchange a few weeks ago. When I saw it on the hanger I thought "huh, a denim playsuit with long sleeves?" Not to mention the hanger appeal was quite awful, but I was intrigued. When I tried it of course there was some much needed merchandising to be done from my part. Which included tippy toed (to replicate heels), my belt to give it some shape, rolled up sleeves and a pop of the collar for a touch of cool, and BAM I was sold...

 So lesson learned: don't judge a book buy it's cover
This is currently my second jumpsuit and I'm loving it. There's a simplicity that I love about these. It could be the fact that I don't have to look for a coordinating top or bottom because it's a two in one deal. Or the fact that I can wear it out on the town with pair of heels or to the park with a pair of converse. 
This post is dedicated to my Love who was mortified when I showed him the playsuit after I bought it. 

ps the weather was perfect yesterday.

wearing: thrifted playsuit, zara belt, f21 heels

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