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forget waiting

As I read other blogs it seems like everyone's been mentioning or complaining about how disappointing the weather has been. I must say I'm even getting tired of complaining about it since that won't be making it any better. I have been wanting to wear this combo minus the opaques...
 and since I don't have the ability to block out the cold like some young thangs in the New York club scene I have surrendered and said FORGET WAITING and have chosen to wear the look with the tights. But be fully aware that I will be recycling this look sans the body constricting element that is the opaque tights!
 As you can see I have brought out some Spring/Summer footwear in hopes that this will persuade the powers that be to bring me the appropriate weather to wear them out on the town, bare legged and all.

I remember when I couldn't stand tights because of the stitching on the toes. That irritated the crap out of me now I feel I wear them all all the time, go figure.
wearing: h&m sheer shirt, f21 lace dress, sam edelman shoes