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I have a so so number of sandals and wedges but I am looking to increase into footwear that involve laces :-)
I've had the same pair of converse since my freshman year of college about six years ago. I think it's time for a fresh pair. I want to go with the white on white and the classic white on black. 
I'm indecisive about going with the high tops or low tops.
Which do you prefer?

 Adore this oversized tank from Zara I'm getting more, haha. 
I grow attached to certain pieces and hate when they become unwearable after much use. So now what I do is get multiples of the same pieces (if I can afford it). This way I can alternate their use as not to destroy any fibers and decrease the amount of piling.
wearing: zara tank, f21 jeans, vs bra, h&m belt, senso booties

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