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morbid choices

This suiting jacket was another great find, with no hanger appeal, while on the Thrift and the City shopping tour. I must say it was strange shopping with so many other people. I usually shop all by my lonesome but all the girls were great so it helped tons.
It's hard shopping with other opinions I felt a little self-conscious about the items I was drawn to. Others pulled bright colors, vibrant prints, and funky styles, but thankfully everyone was very supportive and didn't shriek at my morbid choices, haha more to come.

wearing: thrifted suiting jacket from talbots, zara top and bag, aa thigh high socks

This purchase looked like someone was buried in it but I saw the clean lines I so much adore and the little details I desired, it was perfect. I of course new I'd be wearing close to nothing underneath it so the extra coverage was appropriate.

Thanks for all of the comments and new followers, I'm freakin flattered as shiz!

This is my new Zara purchase that I love love love. Isn't she sleek and perfect for summer?

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