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no pictures please

 Don't you hate when you dislike your hair and everything you put on no matter how amazing your hair finds a way to fruck it up? Well that's what was happening to me Friday night at the Mango event in SoHo. I like the messy look but not dirty nor frizzy -_-

I managed to throw on a little something last minute because as usual I ended up having to rush to get ready after a whole day or of work my good deed and errands. I'm too in love with my new creation 
leather+ sleeveless vest= my spring Jacket
 Forgive the imperfect photos with their slight blurs, as my Sis could barely catch a shot of me without uncomfortably moving. I must say I couldn't stand still in fear of the very tall and very strict woman at the event who already scolded Monroe
 After a couple of hours some of the other NYC Fashion Bloggers Meetup Group decided to forget the rule of no photographs in the store and snap and click their little hearts out. I managed to work up the courage to pose for a few shots myself. 
I really dislike breaking the rules or making someone's life harder but really how will you host an event, invite bloggers, and not let the take any pictures! That's an important part of our content especially if you want us to swoon for your clothes over blogger baby! 
wearing: club monaco white vest, urban leather jacket, h&m scarf and belt, topshop necklace, zara pants and tops, senso boots