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sleep or street

These were my most beloved pair of pants last Spring but now I feel like the harem sweat is more appropriate for lounging at home. I may consider still wearing them to the movies since I love hugging my legs or sitting "indian style"

I've even taken a liking to wearing them for stretching haha.
For all you dancers out there forgive my half way point. It's difficult taking action shots with a flash timer. (Side note you should see how beautiful my sister's arch is, "HATING")
I wanted to thank everyone for the positive compliments. I'm crazy flattered when I read them. I believe I blush more than a 12 year old boy does in front of the pc screen (sorry for the pervese joke I haven't showed that side of myself on here YET!)

 Anyways since I value everyones opinion I figured I'd ask what you guys thought. Is the harem sweat for sleep or street?

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