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warmer weather uniform

Hello my fellow bloggers hope your week has gone off to a great start. After a rocky Sunday I can say that my week has begun well. Hopefully positive thinking will keep things going well.
I've been debating on how to clear my room of things. I hate clutter and feel that my shoe boxes (what's left of them) are cluttering my space. My goal is to have easy access to my shoes and bags since I usually switch them up daily. I have two options with cons and pros and hope to get yous guys' input...

Cons                                                                                                      Pros
- Pricey $$$                                                                                           - Exactly what I need
Cons                                                                                                      Pros
- Items stored will manage to collect dust!                                            - Way cheaper than the Ikea option
- I may still feel the space cluttered having all my things exposed.

Ok which do you think is a better choice?

PS This is my warmer weather uniform with the exception of the footwear and bottoms which changes upon occasion. This is my go to outfit. I can never go wrong with a white shirt and simple bottom.

What's your uniform? If you have one.