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wearing: urban outfitters leather, h&m cropped top, f21 jeans, zara bag

I have so many aspirations but it seems as if only a small part of my life belongs to me. Children, relationships, and work take up so much of people's time I have yet to figure out how to manage it all and still have time to focus on my goals. It's best I figure out how to juggle it all now so I can be ready for when I have my own children I suppose. 

I love this new addition to my wardrobe thanks to Janique from Her Goody Bag. I swapped this neckless at yesterdays shop and swap, hosted by  Monroe, for a Zara piece I bought and never got around to wearing. 

Hope you all are having a great weekend. Oh and I loved your comments from my last post. I enjoy hearing everyones dislikes it keeps everything real seeing as we all have different styles. Thanks for the comments.

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