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know when to choose your battles

So I know that one shouldn't settle but I've learnt you must know when to choose your battles. And this thing wardrobe was the most resourceful option for me. It was great to finally take my shoes out and dispose of the boxes. I did not like the clutter it was causing in my room and honestly it was beginning to look like a shoe store stockroom. The only issue is that there's no more shoe space! I'd have to get more shelves or a whole other thing wardrobe... 

I'm looking to holiday as well as get into other costly projects so shopping isn't as high on my list as it was a few months ago. CRAZY, right? Maybe I will frequent more thrift shops in hopes of finding suitable bargains, blah I barely have time to read my books much less shuffle through endless amounts of racks :-( Now I must rush to bed and wake too early to deal with the loads of responsibilities forever on my lap. 

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