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a better director

top from nastygal, skirt and bag h&m, converse sneakers

As my addictive personality got the best of me this past weekend I managed to step outside of my home and away from my book to socialize a bit and catch up with one of my oldest best pals. Of course I could only stand in front of the lens for about a minute and a half to have my picture taken, which probably explains the look on my face in the last photo. The images aren't the most artistic but he's not a photographer and was probably intimidated by my Rebel T1i, like most are. However, I should have been a better director and will be more prepared for the next  time.

I have this bamboo top in three colors and can't get enough of them. The level of comfort is like no other. Getting multiples of the same is something I encourage and often practice. Why not get more of what you love it will keep things lasting longer.

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