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an extension of me

My favorite blogs seem to be from the website funny thing is that I can't read everyones content seeing as they all seem to be blogging from Sweden. But for the most part that doesn't matter because they have great style, fun photographs, and quantity. I know they say its not about quantity but thats a lie. If you post often people will visit often because you stay in their minds and I do want the same for my blog. But what I most enjoy are their interest in sharing their lives not just their clothes but they're time with friends. It's nice to see happy people and you do feel as though you too are a friend and a part of their world. I have decided to try to make the effort of doing this too because I want my blog to be an extension of me and that does not only include my wardrobe but my experiences as well. I just hope people are interested...

image: new bcbg bracelet

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