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nostalgic walks

wearing: h&m crop sweater and shorts, river island bag, steve madden boots

Growing up I never really thought about how perfect my neighborhood was for me. It offered the perfect amount of traffic and seclusion. The streets were peaceful and never crowded. My steps never wavered. But like most New York City neighborhoods when there is opportunity to build, construction will surely be under way. Seeing the effects of the newly constructed Columbus Square on my livelihood sometimes takes it's toll. It is negatively effecting the quality of life I once had. With the amount of people on the streets flocking towards whole foods, michael's, home goods, their challenging pace of moving too slow or not moving at all (thanks to the new Mandell school) it's really got me on a slight edge. But now that my once haven is now a circus I have to resort  to taking my nostalgic walks after 11pm when the shops are closed and my streets are wide open.

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