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tummy trend

Trying for the bare tummy trend with the sticky NYC heat.

This Friday I attended a friend/fan's cute high school fashion show. I would have felt a sense of nostalgia had I gone to a regular high school or was a regular student but the only thing I felt was entertained by the energy we once possessed in our adolescence. The cheering, laughing, and carefree lifestyle did remind me of how little I lived my youth. I went to a performing arts school which only consisted of 204 students and I barely hung around enough to make high school memories. 

Anyways afterwards I went to eat with some peeps to a cool southern homestyle spot in the lower Eastside called Mama's Food Shop, where you stand in line to get your food servings. And after eating some of the best mashed potatoes and fried chicken just like at home you clear your plate and put your dishes in the sink. How cute is that?! I took a shot of a brick wall where they play old black & white films, very cool. The night continued as did I but my camera had to be returned to its spot in my wardrober for safe keeping so no pictures of the outfit change :-/

Thanks for the comments and following my blog-O, I read them and smile.
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