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where's waldo


One of my favorite childhood books were and still are the "Where's Waldo" books. I loved the hunt and the fun characters I'd come across while on the prowl for Waldo though they were minor distractions I'd always remember who I was really looking for. The satisfaction I'd feel when finally finding him was fantastic. I can't help but see a resemblance in my adult life when it comes to shoes.

Take these Clift ankle boots by Jeffrey Campbell. I have been searching for this simple style ankle boot for what it seems like a lifetime. Along my long journey I've managed to come across some great pairs of shoes that managed to slightly distract me but of course I would always set forth on my hunt. Just this week I happily found them but unlike the Waldo books my satisfaction was short lived because they were sold out in my size. I wish things were as easy as when I was a child.

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