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can't ask for anything more

Notice how in love I am with my new Zara bag? I got it on sale after weeks of drooling for this Stella McCartney shopper look alike that I could not seem to find online. Though it wouldn't have mattered because surely the price point would have been unattainable for me. Blah I ADORE IT! Everything fits in it. It goes with every outfit (including converse :) Can't ask for anything more.
zara shirt dress, bag, and shoes, american apparel shorts, h&m shades, f21 cuff

SSSo we've reached amazing heat waves in the city and I can't say I'm too bummed about it. After so soo many months of a brutal winter I don't mind walking around with a water bottle and my arms over my head to help me breath better. Heat advisories and all we must continue living and working even if it's just barely. Which means I packed my little water cooler and shoved it in my new adored bag as I was invited on a tour to visit the Micky London showroom.
Of course I'm bias when it comes to the more subtle and or masculine pieces so that's what most of the images I shot were made up of. Haha, my blog my eyes sorry guys.
Ooo LaLa jewelry on scarves why NOT? And speaking of why not, why not a little wrinkle? I'm all for clean lines but why not color outside the lines once in a while, just live a little!
While scarves are what's served for the main course at Micky London the side dishes are just as delightful. I wanted to petition for that black necklace just there at the center of the table in all it's glory but figured I'd get the boot but oh well maybe next time :-)
My cuffs need a special home like this specially made box to house jewelry.
I had a great time visiting the showroom. The girls were so welcoming and fun. I was also given a chance to choose one of their scarves I of course went for the one fit for fall. As there are no rules in fashion you'll be seeing me sporting the scarf in one of my upcoming posts because I can! The visit was well worth the trek in this hell like weather.

PS get my favorite Micky London scarf at Nordstrom or for the modest price point at Anthropologie
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