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when life was this glamorous... Bob Mackie

Remember when life was this glamorous? Of course you don't you weren't alive yet! But thanks to the legendary fashion and costume designer Bob Mackie you can relive it all in his art work. As I did last week for a special curated presentation from a selection of Mackie's extensive archive. Each sketch held a great amount of detail from the colors to the feathered frocks. Now that your walls can be accessorized with fashion start your fashionable art collection with a piece from HERE.

Being invited to see his work last week got me thinking about all the hopes I had of being able to sketch my own ideas with the goal of producing my own line.  This inspiring opportunity came thanks to the NYC Fashion Bloggers Meetup Group.
The visit was topped off with the amazing surprise of being able to choose one of the illustrations to have sent to mi casa (my home) :-) Generous right!? Stay tuned to see which I chose :-)
This illustration goes perfect with the book I am currently reading, "Water for Elephants", though they were originally sketches from the television production of "Gypsy".
Being invited to see his work got me thinking about all the hopes I had of being able to sketch my own ideas with this amount of detail.  Over the years I went from photography to architecture and eventually fell for the desire to design clothes
A little something for the children...
and adults haha.

wearing: flea market top, h&m skirt, bakers sandals

Thank you Bob Mackie team for welcoming me with such lovely and great energy. You made this inspiring experience wonderful and truly memorable. Visit Bob Mackie's FaceBook page HERE to see more of his work and like the page while you're at it you know you want to!

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