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help from Anastasia beverly hills

Fun fact: I have the worst luck with eyebrows. I have always wanted them thick and amazing after seeing Brooke Shields in Blue Lagoon but due to genetics it was impossible to even achieve a decent shape. Every time someone does my eyebrows I'm disappointed at how thin and boring they make them. Which is why I try to do them myself by just filling them in at the ends. Only the problem with this is they are never really the same shape. I thought all was lost until I witnessed this video from the eyebrow queen Anastasia, the woman who makes Jennifer Lopez and Glee's Dianna Agron eyebrows rock. I must admit my sister did tell me I could find this perfect brow kit at Sephora stores but her explanations suck so with a little video demonstration I am 100% on board to getting help from Anastasia Beverly Hills.

Have a great weekend!

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