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my dependency grew quietly and suddenly

club monaco shirt, h&m skirt, f21 necklace, asos boots, zara plaited bag

Growing up I never relied on anyone to help me through anything until high school when boyfriends became knights in shining armour. My dependency grew quietly and suddenly snuck up on me. Funny enough after being stripped of my dependency I was in a bind just this Thursday at work and of course immediately thought of the boy to save me and thought twice and guess who was next on my speed dial? Mami (aka mommy). Growing up she was never my go to person but as the years went on we grew closer and I find myself realizing how crippled my life be without her. She's the person I argue >_< with the most and is the person I love the most. Sorry for the sappy post it isn't something I do.

Speaking of mommy dearest she was determined to makeup for those horrid photos she took of me here and these were her photographic redemption. So cute she wanted to keep shooting.

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