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Camo shirt from Zara/ Skirt from Nastygal/ Shirt and Boots from F21  

I hunted for the perfect camouflage jacket on eBay, found it, and lost it. It was heartbreaking and I vowed never to go on eBay again. That vow was short lived and I scored a number of awesome accessories thanks to eBay.

Now as for the perfect camo; I had been eyeing a rather unique one from Zara but wanted to get one I could "roll in the dirt with". Admittedly while searching for this ultra durable jacket the Zara camo lingered in some corner of my brain begging to be one with my closet. I later caved and obviously bought the Zara one after receiving a horrifying "real life" military camouflage coat from eBay with a rather potent scent.